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Leslie Whitecrow E-RYT 800hr

Dig Deep

Welcome to my website. People tend to come to me when they are ready to learn about themselves, whether that is through the practice of yoga, or through the variety of healing modalities I offer. People come to me when they are ready to dig deep.


About Me

I found yoga in 2007 during a very tumultuous period of my life. I was seeking a physical outlet and emotional refuge. Having been very athletic the majority of my life, I thought I would be bored with yoga. HA!! It kicked my ass, and thus began a mad love affair that remains to this day!

After several months of practice I began to notice that things were changing. I felt different.  I noticed I was calmer, more centered. For the first time in my life, I was feeling grounded. 

 My practice became everything to me, and truly was and still is Sanctuary. 

For the last 12 years I have studied and practiced with amazing teachers with lineages of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Baptiste, Anusara and Tantra, to name a few. I have so much gratitude for Troy Lucero, Christina Sell, Noah Maze, Rod Stryker, Georg Feuerstein, Parker Palmer and Ana Forest.  My particular style is a synthesis of all my training. Add in playfulness and humor and that describes me pretty well!

In addition to yoga, I specialize in personalized Shamanic and Energy Healing sessions with clients. I began my healing business in 2005, and for nearly 15 years have continued to expand my study, practice, and skills. I'm thrilled to now offer my sessions in Tacoma! My clients report having great success, insight, and relief in a wide variety of emotional/mental concerns and physical ailments.

Check out what my clients and students have to say in Testimonials!


Current Schedule

Monday Tuladhara 9:30am

Tuesday Tacoma Yoga 9:30am

Wednesday Bhuman 8am

Friday Tuladhara 9:30am


Designed For You


Professional aromatherapist
Reiki master
Shamanic healer
Acutonics practitioner
Mudra therapist
Energy kinesiologist
Life coach


"Leslie's healing work has been essential to my well-being and recovery. Two years ago I experienced a devastating loss, and its effects manifested in my body—I would get sick or hurt and never fully get better. Therapists, friends, family, doctors, and a yoga practice helped me manage my physical symptoms and weather the storms of depression, but I was reaching a breaking point—I was tired of managing and weathering, scared of being permanently altered for the worse, and searching for a practitioner who would help me explore what I needed to do to move forward. 

I added Leslie's reflexology and reiki work into my self-care routine, and after I single session I felt something within me shift. I started sleeping better, having less nightmares, going outside more, and thinking critically about possible mental and emotional motivations for getting, and staying, sick. 

Leslie infuses eastern healing and intuitive work with frankness, candor, and humor. She is nurturing but not enabling. Through her bodywork she'll lull you into a state of receptivity and then drop a truth bomb that makes you wonder if she's a mind-reader, or she'll volley a question that will reverberate around your head until you return an honest answer.

I'm now six sessions in and well on my way to being a whole and lively person again. I was ready to be done with a long, dark chapter, and Leslie's healing work is helping me turn the final pages".

Jill L.

"Over the last several years I have had the opportunity to visit Leslie's home where I received treatments for various issues stemming from arthritis in my hands. As a part time professional musician my hands are very important. Leslie used several of her techniques during our sessions ranging from Reiki to Reflexology.. The first session we 'got to know each other', and I scheduled two more visits. After the second visit I realized the discomfort in my hands had diminished - and one week later I came back and realized full motion and zero pain in my hands. This condition remained with me for the last five or more years. Leslie also used a frequency matt during our sessions (if that's what it's called) and I felt comfort and relief from overall anxiety and stress that was prevalent in my life at the time. While it helped that I had known Leslie for many years prior to taking treatment from her, I heartily recommend her based on the work she did with me. She's caring and engaged with her clients, and I would expect others would share a similar story".

Charlie M.

"I have been seeing Leslie for some years now. The results are always mind blowing. Leslie saw me through multiple injuries, surgeries, migraines, sinus pain, congestion, trouble sleeping, acute pain, chronic pain, lots of stress, grief and depression. Few examples: after my knee surgery I had a pinched nerve and acute in my hip, I couldn’t raise my leg and every movement hurt. My pain level was at 9-10 prior to my session, after we were done I felt an instant relief, the pain was practically gone and I could freely move my leg. The pain was completely gone later on that day and never returned. I have pain in my thoracic spine due to mild scoliosis, it flares up from time to time, two month ago, Leslie worked on my back and up until this day I have zero pain. I sleep better, I breathe better, I feel more grounded, calm and overall great. 
I had surgeries on both of my knees and ended up with lots of scar tissue, tightness and pain, after sessions I get a lot of relief and mobility in both of my knees". 

Alena S.

"As a woman of a certain age, I am able to look back on decades of learning and growth, professional knowledge and skill building, and experiences with extraordinary people who change lives. My friend and teacher, Leslie Whitecrow, stands alone. She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met and been blessed to work with. I have practiced yoga all of my adult life and Leslie is the first instructor who has shown me what yoga truly is: a personal journey of discovery and healing, movement that is appropriate for my body, and an invitation that is always present to delve deeply and ask myself important questions…and then listen for the answer. When I am with Leslie, I believe in myself and I leave her classes calmer, happier and healthier, and grateful beyond words.


When I think of Leslie, a simple acronym comes to mind:

GIFT: Leslie is Generous; Inspiring; encourages Faith in oneself; and is a Teacher, teaching who who she is (the only true way to teach)".

Lorrie J.

"Leslie was my mentor during teacher training.  She is a transparent teacher who has nothing to hide and has practically been through it all, taking her life experiences and transforming them into effective teaching and healing work.  She listens, she cares and she knows.  She’s already been where you are right now and she knows.  She is deeply intuitive and is meant for the teaching and healing work she offers.  Leslie was a large part of my deepest transformational year and I am grateful to her and her work".

Leslie F.

"Leslie’s work is healing on all levels – feet, body, mind and spirit, plus it just plain old feels really good and is really relaxing.

The first time I went for reflexology with Leslie, nearly 3years ago in Lynnwood , it was purely for fun — thinking that an hour’s foot rub would be pretty nice. I was amazed to find that the experience touched me on many levels. After my first few healing sessions I didn’t realize that I had been holding on to unprocessed feelings. That was the first time that Leslie's work helped to remove an emotional block that I wasn’t even aware that I was carrying. I think the greatest benefit for me has been my increased clarity, peace of mind and heart. 

Leslie brings a level of professionalism to her work blended with a caring and nurturing attitude which make her part of a new level of health practitioner. I am grateful for the opportunity to have benefited from her skill. Thank you!" 

Julie K

"I have a history of trauma and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In therapy, I learned that the two of the most effective treatments for PSTD and are yoga and acupuncture.  In my experience, yoga has been the most effective therapy.  Leslie Whitecrow drew me into her yoga classes because she is one of the few teachers who consistently pulls ALL EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA into her teaching.  She applies a rigorous discipline to her own practice, and it shows up in WHAT and HOW she teaches.    I really need that discipline to heal and stay healthy in my mind, body, and spirit.   As such, I also sought out Leslie for personalized healing work.  Her Reiki, Acutonics, and Shamanic healing have been more transformative for me than any of the other energy work I have experienced – and more impactful and lasting than acupuncture.  Her Mudra workshops for Depression and Suicide also gave me actual tools I can use at home when the energy gets stuck.  I am deeply grateful for all she does for our community." 

Andrea D.

 "Leslie's mentoring has been essential and pivotal in my life.  If it wasn't for Leslie's help, I wouldn't be where I am today. She has such an insightful talent for diving to the core of the issue! Leslie has an ability to precisely pinpoint right where I need to work! She would not call herself a therapist, but to me, she is the best therapist I have ever worked with".

Aaren T.

"I was fortunate to attend a yoga class Leslie was teaching. She has a challenging but joyful teaching style but her true talent lies with healing. 
She has a wonderful ability to intuit what is happening and uses several modalities in her healing sessions. She is open, honest and gently coaxes you to a more balanced state.
I highly recommend both her yoga class and her healing sessions!!"

Karen U.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world"



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