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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

When I lived and taught in Lynnwood, Wa I created these things called Sunday Morning Sadhanas. I loved them. They were my thoughts on the applications of yogic philosophy as well as just how I navigated this crazy, colorful life I've lived. They were popular with many students, but social media is fucking weird. People stalk and read but never engage, which is really strange to me even though I know that's their own personal trip. I began to feel way too exposed so I shut that Facebook page down.

When I moved to Tacoma I seriously needed a break from teaching, as well as time to just get my shit together, but I felt that yearning that I get to lay words down. My therapist suggested it as well. I created a Wordpress blog and essentially began healing myself once again through my words. However, once more, I began to feel too exposed. I wrote about tremendous things, and I now wish I'd saved my thoughts at that time in my life, but alas, they're floating about somewhere.

Here's what I know: I don't claim to know everything about yoga or anything else. I don't claim to be an expert. What I know is that I have survived many things, including eating disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction, sexual abuse, divorce, codependency, re-marriage, coming out Queer, suicidal pondering and attempts.

I know about what it takes to look in there, you know what I mean: to THOSE places we don't want to look. I know how to walk around in the crazy and not get lost. So, I write about those kinds of things.

I'll be doing more of that.

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